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Creating Space

A Weekend New Year’s Retreat with Dawn Dones

Let the edges of your imagination expand as you begin the New Year. Recover from the holidays and step away from the demands, details, and noise of your everyday life to discover the deep well of possibilities within. Receive energy, rest, and pure delight. Remember, reconnect, and return to who you are.

Through intentional conversation, bits of quiet time, simple meditation, yoga, reflection, movement, deep exploration, and all kinds of fun, Dawn Dones is offering Creating Space: A Weekend New Year’s Retreat in the gorgeous hills and sacred land of central Kentucky January 19-21, 2018.


Dear Friends,

What if instead of beginning the New Year with a long list of regrets, harsh criticisms, or all the things you did not do, you gave yourself a little grace and the opportunity to simply be?


What if you carved out a weekend’s worth of time in your

life for your self?


What if you offered yourself gentleness and space to

imagine and dream?


What if you really listened to your desires and needs AND created a vision for turning your ear toward your heart every day?


What if you stopped setting yourself up for New Year’s

resolution failure and considered letting that which brings

you joy be your resolve?


What if you gifted yourself with Creating Space?


When we create space in our lives to slow down, listen, dream, discover, and delight, something shifts within. There is an expansion, an opening, the recognition of pure potentiality. You move deep into yourself: your highest self, your center, your source.


Simply creating space is a key to opening the infinite wonder within.


Creating Space is an opportunity to cultivate your heart, your mind, and the incredible possibilities within your life for the New Year. Creating Space is a three-day retreat that will remind you who you truly are and the power you hold to embody your deepest desires.


Dream big and go deep. Discover joy and practice kindness. Tap into the creative within whose art is lived fully every single day. You are invited to step (leap, dance, dive!) into YOUR myriad possibilities with conscientious conversation, reflection, yoga, movement, and meditation. I can’t imagine a better way to begin 2018! life


I hope you will join me in Creating Space for the New Year! Because from here, everything is possible!


With Love,




Creating Space

You will imagine the possibilities of the New Year and offer yourself space to dream.


You will create a vision, in a medium of your choice, for living into the desires of your heart.


You will be guided through sessions of Yin and Restorative Yoga where you will have the opportunity to relax, look within, and let go.


You will be accompanied in meditations and breathing exercises that will serve as tools to remember your intention and move from that deep place of knowing.


You will explore who you are right now and be given space to reflect and dialogue about what you discover.


You will uncover how you can create an outward manifestation of your inner self.


You will stretch the edges of your imagination and remember the power of choice.

Retreat Details

Private room with shared bathroom $345; $395
Private room with bathroom $395; $445

Registration Fee :

Dwan Dones Retreats
Dwan Dones Retreats

Creating Space Retreat Location 

Creating Space will take place at the beautiful Guest House and Nativity Hall Retreat Center on the gorgeous grounds of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in Central Kentucky near Bardstown. Nestled in the rolling hills of Central Kentucky, it is set on over 300 acres of farm, forest, and preserved land. It is approximately a 45-minute drive from Louisville, 1-hour drive from Lexington, 2-hour drive from Cincinnati, and a little over a 2-hour drive from Nashville.   Meals and accommodations are included in the Retreat Registration. 

 Dinner Friday; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Saturday; and Breakfast Sunday are provided. Private rooms with shared bathrooms or private rooms with private baths are offered. Selection is made in the Retreat Registration. Space is limited to 18 participants.  Register (and share a room) with someone you know and you both receive a $50 discount--just purchase your registrations together and use the coupon code "Friends"!  Early-bird registration discount ends December 15.

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