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Receiving Care

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How do you allow yourself to receive?

What does it mean to be cared for?

When was the last time you carved out time to slow down, listen, soften, relax, breathe, and simply let someone take care of you? 

Receiving Care is an overnight retreat that includes practicing yoga, exploring nature, engaging stillness, and savoring being present. The three practices included are: Saturday afternoon Gentle + Yin, Saturday evening candlelight Restorative yoga, and Sunday morning Yin. Additionally, there will be meditations, a walk on the grounds, and space to savor quiet, solitude, and shared time together. Delicious vegetarian meals will be served. Delight is promised! Receiving Care is offered at Nazareth Retreat Center in Bardstown, KY (about an hour from Louisville). 

Say yes to Receiving Care. Create space to be still, to catch your breath, to wonder and dream, to allow yourself to be taken care of. Receive energy, rest, and pure delight as you reacquaint yourself with the active practice of care. 

Receiving Care is being offered this fall, November 18 - 19.

I value this experience at $248 ($262.88 including sales tax). However, I offer it for free in the spirit of gift and invite you to consider offering what you are able to to help support the sustainability of my offerings. If you cannot offer the suggested amount, please pay an amount that is meaningful to you. If you can offer more than the full amount in order to help another student, I am likewise grateful.  


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Registration is Open!

To register for Summer Receiving Care November 18-19, simply fill out the form below
and Dawn will follow up via email with more information & registration confirmation.

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