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Meals in a Jar


–Emily Dickenson

I was the director of a small inner-city non-profit for ten years. Anyone who has ever worked in the non-profit sector knows that you get to wear a lot hats while attempting to do good work for which you have been hired.


One task that wasn’t on the job description but ended up being a regular part of the job was cooking for groups of people. I had been an okay cook before (I was really good at calling my Mom or Aunt for step-by-step guidance when I had the urge to deviate from pasta, cereal, or popcorn!). But, there I discovered that I could cook AND that I LOVED cooking for people. Doing something simple, that is often taken for granted, with care and discovering how much people could taste that intention along with the nutritious deliciousness got me hooked. Not to mention that meals are an excuse to be together!   


In 2016, I started making soups and salads in mason jars and found the same satisfaction knowing that good, well-sourced food was nourishing lives, comforting hearts, fueling bodies, and connecting people.  I appreciate the charm and convenience of mason jars for storage, safekeeping, and portion control. I delight in the creativity of imagining something new each week. I revel in connecting with local farmers and shopping at the farmer’s market to source really good produce and support really good people.


Once a week, I prepare soups and salads for a handful of friends who come by my house and like magic find their meals waiting for them on the porch. Check out some of the recipes I use below!


These are the recipes I create weekly for those who subscribe to Lunch! It’s in the Jar. Interested in learning more? 

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