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Mini - Retreats

Dear friend,

Setting aside long spans of our most precious commodity, our time, is especially difficult these days. In response to that reality, I offer the chance to retreat in a timeframe that is manageable, possible, and promising. Mini-Retreats are a way of gifting yourself time and space to breathe, reflect, remember, slow down, and come home to yourself. These two-hour experiences make retreating accessible and practical in anyone’s life.

Retreats have been a part of my life since I was twelve years old (and I've been leading them since I was 13). I personally know and believe in the transformative power of carving out intentional space away and returning to life centered, restored, and refreshed. Retreat is a practice of radical self-care that offers abundant gifts.

Love, Dawn

Current Mini - Retreat Offerings

Step away from the busy-ness of your life and let yourself be led on a transformative Two-Hour 
Mini-Retreat where you will be guided into deep relaxation, cultivating space within, allowing stress & tension to melt away, inviting your body to release, and encouraging healing to happen.  


WHERE: The comfort of your home via Zoom

WHEN: Sunday, January 22nd 12-2 PM ET

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