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Restorative Yoga Private Session

Restorative Yoga Private Session

Restorative yoga is a gentle practice that will lead you deep into relaxation; cultivating a space within that allows stress & tension to melt away; allowing yourself to be rather than do. Inviting your body to release tension, tightness, & stress will encourage healing to happen. This practice helps to activate & balance the parasympathetic nervous system which helps reduce fatigue, anxiety & stress, lowers blood pressure & heart rate, loosens up joints, & promotes overall well-being. All restorative poses are done seated or lying down, with the support of props. Restorative yoga is great for all people, especially those looking for rest, relaxation, nourishment, and self-care. 

Your personalized 90-minute session can be held in my office or in your home... it's up to you!

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