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Dear friends, I hope this little message finds you well and breathing in the infinite possibilities of this moment. I realize an entire month has passed since we have can be like that sometimes, can’t it? You blink and a whole month has gone by. You think, ‘What did I do?’ With brow furrowed, you ask, ‘Where did the time go?’ I was watching The Big Bang Theory with my sister the other night when Sheldon mentioned Parkinson’s Law. I had a vague, hazy high school memory of this scientific theory. But, when Sheldon said something along the lines of, ‘work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion’, the light bulb turned on and the entire month of April flashed before my eyes. I distinctly remember on April 1st (the fool’s day nonetheless) feeling the spaciousness of the month. So, what do we do when we have a little extra room- in our days, our closets, and even our bellies? We fill it. I do filling really well. Don’t we all? The problem (scientifically-proven-no-less) is that we are giving away that which we desire. Instead of living deeply and sucking the marrow out of life, the life- the goodness, the delight, the wonder, the joy- is being sucked out of our days. We remain people who desire depth but don’t have time for it. We want to live differently but can't seem to find time to do so. Rather, we fill the time we have with more - more meetings, more practices, more emails, more conference calls, more obligations, more responsibilities. More. More. More. The scene in The Big Bang Theory reminded me of something all of us already know - what we choose to do will always take up the space we give to it. Always. So, what if we started using a little less of our time for the mores mentioned above and a little more of it for love, kindness, compassion, deep breathing, fun, laughter, play, meditation, sleep, writing, reading, connecting, listening, being? More of this would mean less of that (AND probably a little less wondering about what we did and where the time went). The choice comes down to us. To Choosing Wholeness a WHOLE LOT MORE! Love, Dawn

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