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Women's Retreat


Are you tired, worn out, worn down?


Is your life spilling over with obligations and commitments?


Are you last on your seemingly-never-ending list of things to do?


Do you just need a minute to catch your breath, to clear your mind, to be?






Step away from the demands, details, and drain of your everyday life to stand in the perfectly imperfect beauty of who you are. Receive energy, vitality, and space. Remember who you are. The practice of turning inward and tending to one’s heart ripples out in every way into every aspect of one’s life. Through walks in the woods, meditation, yoga, reflection, good conversation, creativity, and deep exploration Dawn Dones is offering the Women’s Retreat of Restoration in the gorgeous hills and sacred land of central Kentucky July 28-30.


Give yourself a weekend retreat with the promise of restoration and renewal.


Dear Friends,

My life is full-to-overflowing and I love most every minute of it, yet there are times when I just need to slow down, breathe, and be. The words of poet Oriah Mountain Dreamer in The Call resonate deeply,

‘You are wearing yourself out with all of this

Come home and rest’.  

I am sure that I am not the only one who aches to come home and rest.

As women, we pour ourselves out into our children, our relationships, our careers, our commitments, our ministries, our things-to-do.  

Our wells are running dry.

We know this.

We feel this.

We see this.

We want to come home to ourselves and rest, but how? and when?  It seems there is no time.


When I was in high school, my mom left a post-it on my bedroom door that said, ‘Your datebook is your creed. What you believe in you have time for.’

Let’s believe in ourselves. Let’s make time for ourselves. Let’s give ourselves time, energy, and attention making space to receive and reflect, to be tended to and cared for, to recognize that when we nurture ourselves everyone around us receives this gift. Let’s take a Retreat of Restoration.

Retreating from our everyday life as a way of living life more fully every day is an ancient and trusted process. At our Women’s Retreat of Restoration July 28-30, space will be held for intention, reflection, relaxation, and exploration. Join me and other women as we come home to ourselves to rest.


Dawn Dones


Women's Retreat of Restoration

You will be guided through three sessions of Restorative Yoga where you will have the opportunity to relax, look within, and let go.


You will be accompanied in multiple meditations and breathing exercises that will serve as tools to find your center amidst the distractions and demands of life.


You will explore who you are right now and be given space to reflect and share what you discover.


You will learn tools to balance caregiving with caretaking.

You will discover how you can create an outward manifestation of your best, brightest, boldest, most beautiful, brilliant restored inner self.

Retreat Details

 Dinner Friday; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Saturday; and Breakfast Sunday are provided. Private rooms with shared bathrooms are included.

Space is limited to 12 participants.

Early-bird registration discount ends June 26th, 2017.

Dwan Dones Retreats
Dawn Dones Retreats
Dawn Dones Retreats

Women’s Retreat of Restoration Location 

The Women’s Retreat of Restoration will take place at the beautiful Knobs Haven Retreat Center on gorgeous grounds of the Loretto Motherhouse in Central Kentucky. Nestled in the rolling hills of Central Kentucky, Knobs Haven is set on nearly 800 acres of farm, forest, and preserved land. It is approximately a 75 to 90-minute drive from Louisville.


Accommodations are included in the Retreat Registration. 

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