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The Silence Between Us

Dear friend,

I hope this little message finds you well and surrounded by people you love.

Life feels especially heavy nowadays, doesn't it?

I just haven’t had the words to speak to the weight,

so I haven’t written.

In the silence between us, I do what I always do

When I don’t feel strong, capable, adequate


I sit quietly.

I place my hands over my heart space,

feeling my heart beating,

reminding myself that I am alive.

We are alive.

I listen.

I watch.

The sun,

The moon,

The children,




I cry.

Because it all hurts.

Because I feel powerless.

Because I just don’t know.

I just don’t know.

When the world seems too much with us,

when I forget to remember

the constant invitation to love,

My commitment to choose love,

even when it seems impossible,

I hold silence.




And slowly,


in the music within the pause,

in the space between each breath,

I come home.

To my heart.

To the world.

To love.

To you.


Thank you for letting me into your life and for sharing the weight of being alive at this moment of eternity with you. If you can resonate with the need for creating space for silence, to listen, to lean in, to remember, you are invited to Holding Silence (click here to learn more about what promises to be an amazing retreat).

Be gentle with yourself.

Love, Dawn

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